1. How Do the CE Webinars Work? - You will need a computer and an internet connection to access the webinar. Your order e-mail includes your webinar links. We will
send you a reminder e-mail with your link as well one business day before class. Once you log in to the webinar, you will hear the instructor and see the class slide
presentation. You will need to remain online with the webinar for the duration of the class. You must answer class roll calls to receive credit for the course. At the conclusion of
your course, we will file your credits with your state and provide you with a certificate of completion. Details will be reviewed at the beginning of each class.

2. When will my credits be filed? - Generally, we file all class credits for completed classes by the next business day following the course. If you need special assistance to
file your completed classes sooner, call us toll-free at 866-571-4515 or e-mail us at

3. Are your classes state-approved? - Yes. All classes are approved for CE credit in the states shown on our home page. We also are an approved provider in each state.
You can view our webinar course titles and state course numbers by clicking on the link at the top of our home page. Our business name is Insurance Career Training, Inc.

4. How long have you been in business? - Since November 2007. We began conducting CE classes in 2008 and started the DirectCE webinar program in July 2012.

5. Does your Ethics webinar course satisfy the Ethics requirement in my state? - Our Ethics in the Insurance Industry course satisfies the ethics CE requirement in
those states that allow a webinar course for Ethics. Currently,
Illinois is the only state where we offer webinar courses that does not recognize webinar courses for Ethics
credit. Therefore, Illinois producers are required to obtain their classroom CE through a traditional classroom program. Illinois agents may take our Ethics course for general
CE credit. We do offer live classroom Ethics courses in Illinois that will allow you to earn your Ethics credits. See these at (CE Express).

6. What happens if my computer breaks down or I lose my Internet connection during the class? - Generally, you are required to remain connected to the webinar
for the duration of the CE class. If you have a reliable computer and good Internet service, you shouldn't have any problems. If you become disconnected from the webinar,
you can log back on using the same sign in information we provided to you prior to the webinar. Our webinars also are accessible from smart phones and other devices,
including I-Pads, I-Phones, and Android phones. Ideally, you should have a backup plan in place so there is another computer or Internet service available for you. If you
become disconnected from the webinar and do not answer roll calls, you will not get credit for the class. In this case, we would allow you to take another webinar course at
your convenience to make up for the missed class.

7. Am I able to participate in the class? -  Yes. In all courses, you will be able to utilize the "QUESTIONS"  function during the webinar to ask a question or to make a
comment. The webinar technology also allows you to communicate via microphone or telephone. Individual instructors have the ability to open live discussions during their
webinars at their discretion and may do so. Primarily, you need to focus on listening to the instructor's presentation and watching the class slide presentation. Communication
with the class and instructor will be reviewed prior to each course. You also may type messages to the instructor and organizer at any time during class.

8. Is is possible for me to just leave my computer on and get CE credit even if I don't participate in the course? - NO. To receive CE credit, we expect our
students to participate in the course. Although you are not required to participate in discussions, you must be engaged in the course for the duration. You must answer all roll
calls. We take great pride in our courses being educational and fun. We want you to learn something in addition to earning your CE credits!

9. Am I required to take an exam or have a witness to complete the course? - NO. Because webinar courses are live, interactive courses with professional instructors,
no exams are required.

10. How do I know how many hours of CE I still need? - Most states provide an online service to allow you to access your insurance license and CE information. Check
your state Department of Insurance web site or call them for details. We are able to assist you in looking up your CE transcripts in many states. Call us toll-free at
866-571-4515 and we will be happy to assist.

11. How late can I sign up for a class? - You can enroll any time before a class begins. As long as we receive your payment and are able to provide you with your webinar
access instructions before the class begins, you will be able to register.

12. What is your refund policy? - We will refund your purchase price for any class you don't receive or attend. Refunds are not given when classes are completed. We will
never expect you to pay for something you do not use or receive.

13. If I have a conflict can I reschedule a course? YES. Call us toll-free at 866-571-4515 or e-mail us at and we will be happy to
reschedule your class. If you'd like, you can take another course with the same number of hours instead of the original course you ordered.

14. Can I take the same course twice? - NO. You cannot take the same course twice for CE credit during the same license renewal period. Some states restrict producers
from taking the same courses in successive renewal periods. Check your state CE requirements before doing this.

15. Who teaches your courses? - All of our instructors are veteran insurance professionals who have been approved as CE instructors in those states that require
approval. Our instructors generally have insurance sales management and/or insurance training backgrounds.

16. Why is your program different than other online CE programs? - The difference is we offer live class programs with professional instructors. Webinar CE allows you
to learn from an insurance professional in an online classroom setting with no required exam. Most online CE programs are packaged information that require you to read or
watch information, then complete a monitored exam. Our webinars are educational, simple and fun - and require NO EXAMS!

17. If I only have a single-line license, do I have to take only courses related to my license authority? - This varies by state. Please review your state requirements
carefully before ordering. Links to state CE requirements can be found at

18. Do you take breaks during your webinar classes? - YES. A 10-minute break is provided each hour during each course. Longer classes include a one-hour lunch
break. Your instructor will review this with you prior to your class.

19. Do I need to give you my insurance license number? - YES. We will ask for this during your webinar class. Some states require additional forms to be completed for
webinar courses. We will inform you in those cases.

20. How do I know if the webinar is working and if I am connected? - If you can see the instructor's slides and hear his or her voice, you are good to go.

21. What do I do if I need help? - Call us at 866-571-4515 toll-free.

22. Why do I not see DirectCE listed as an approved provider in my state? DirectCE is not a company name; it is the trade name of our webinar CE program. Our
company name is
Insurance Career Training, Inc. All state registrations and approvals are filed under this business name.
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